Ski rental

There are two ways to rent your ski equipment. You can arrange this on your day of arrival with your chalet staff. They walk with you to the ski shop and help you to rent your skies or snowboard. If you have problems with your equipment during your ski holiday, you can easily go back to the shop. At some destinations it is possible that a minibus with all different skies and boots come to your chalet where you can try on and choose your skies/snowboard.

Another possibility is to rent your skis and snowboard at this page. We work with Sport2000 which is located in every ski resort where we have our chalets, and more. Also if you choose to book and rent online, you can always go back to the Sport2000 store in the village of your stay. When you rent your skies online you can easily go to the shop and pick up your equipment and step on the slopes immediately. If you book online on this page as a customer you will also receive a discount on your ski rental.

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