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On this page with frequently asked questions you will already find a lot of answers to probably the first questions that come to mind after reading about our All inclusive concept. If you have any questions that are not listed here, you can always contact us.

What is an All inclusive ski chalet holiday?

More fun than a hotel, easier than self-catering and better value than both, a chalet offers all the advantages of holidaying at your own home but without any of the housework. Essentially it should be a relaxed informal and enjoyable skiing or boarding holiday, with our chalet staff keeping the chalet clean and tidy every day, making beds, all the shopping, providing excellent food and creating a convivial atmosphere in which you can enjoy all the benefits of being in some of the top ski resorts in the world.

What includes the arrangement?

Our catered chalet holiday price include: 7 nights chalet accommodation, 7 days breakfast, 6 days three course dinner (wine included in the chalets where you eat at home), room with en suite facilities (as far as the chalet has rooms with en suite facilities), unlimited drinks (except liquor), afternoon tea, cleaning services, the services of our chalet staff, bedlinen and bathtowels. On the chalet staff’s day off, the breakfast will be available, but no evening meal.
What is not included: travel, ski pass, hire of equipment, skiguiding/lessons, travel child care/nanny service, insurance, local tourist tax.

Does the staff have a day-off during the week?

The chaletstaf have a day off in the middle of the week. Breakfast will be served on this day but there is no afternoon tea or diner in your chalet/restaurant. It is not possible to cook in the chalet by yourself on this day.

Is it possible for the staff to watch over our children?

On the day of arrival you can ask the chaletstaf to watch over your children. You can discuss this with your own chaletstaf. Our sales team are happy to give you information about professional childcare service in the Alpes.

What about the presence of the chalet staff? Are they continuously present? Do you have privacy?

If you are not familiar with the all-inclusive ski chalet formula, you might think that the chalet staff often interferes with the privacy of your winter sports holiday. We can assure you that you do not have to worry about it in any way. We have chalet staff who work for our organization for many years and they know very well how to behave towards the guest. On the one hand, providing service at the right time and a kind of invisible position on the other. New chalet staff is also fully informed about the aforementioned.

What does a Skichalets menu look like?

Menu I
Starter: Mushroom and leek risotto garnished with a parmesan crisp.
Main: Honey roasted pork loin in a peach jus. Sage flavoured mash mange tout and roasted root vegetables.
Dessert: Little sticky toffee pudding with a pecan toffee sauce.

Menu II
Starter: Salmon mousse wrapped in smoked salmon with a sweet chilli sauce, served on a bed of watercress.
Main: Pork fillet wrapped in Parma ham with a wild mushroom sauce on a bed of wilted spinach. Served with spicy lentils and steamed broccoli.
Dessert: Lemon tart with sweet mascarpone and fresh raspberries.

Can you take it into account when there is a vegetarian, one who eats gluten free or has a nut allergy?

When diner will be served in the chalet and dieet requirements are noticed at the time of booking, the chaletstaff can take this into account while your chaletholiday. There are no extra charges for these kind of changes in menu.

What does the ‘honesty bar’ exactly means?

The honesty bar is a little cupboard with drinks for selfservice use. The staff will take care liquor drinks, snacks and candybars. Every product you use from the honesty bar will score on a list and the total bill should be payed end of the week by the staff. This is also a part of our chalet living, because you don’t have to shop in supermarkets by yourself.

Can we lunch in the chalet and using the kitchen?

It is not possible to use the kitchen, this is private part of the chalet for our chaletstaff. Lunch is not included. It is not allowed to make a lunch from breakfast products. If you want to lunch in the chalet, discuss this with your staff. Of course is it possible to use coffeemaker or microwave if you stay in the chalet all day. If you do take a lunch with you can ask your staff for a lunch packed for € 5,- with two banquets, fruit, candybar and a drink.

Can we decide as a group our own time to using diner?

The chalet staff will propose a diner time. But the staff is always open for small adjustments.

Are there cots or a high chairs available in the chalet?

In every chalet is one cot and one high chair available.
You can also contact our reservation department and see what the possibilities are in your chalet if you need more than one.

Is there a washing-machine in the chalet?

In most of the chalets is a washing-machine, but this is only for private use for the staff. When it’s really necessary to wash an article of dress you can ask your chaletstaff if it’s possible to use the washing-machine.

Are pets allowed in the chalets?

Pets are not allowed in the chalets. Exceptions can be made when sole occupancy of a chalet have been booked.

Is there a radio/cd player/tv/dvd player available in the chalet?

Most of the chalets have a radio/cd player. And most of the chalets have television but not always with satellite connection. For more information about a specific chalet we ask you to contact our reservation department.

Is there internet in the chalets?

There are a few chalets with wireless internet connection. For information about a specific chalet you can contact us.

Are there any toys available in the chalet?

In the chalets are no toys available.

What is the smoking policy in the Ski Chalets?

All of our chalets are non-smoking, however our staff will supply ashtrays on the balconies of the chalets if required.

Is it possible to book a short stay in the chalets?

Yes, it is possible to book a short ski trip in the chalets. During the season we have short ski specials on our website. Is the date or the chalet not between the special offers, you can always contact us to see what we can do for you!

Can I also book individual rooms in a chalet?

The chalets are extremely suited for a couple, children or a little group to book one or more rooms and enjoy of careless holiday. The chalet is like a guest-house and you share the chalet with other guests during the week. You are sharing facilities under which ‘stube’ (living room).

Is it possible to book a chalet based on self catering?

Unfortunately it is not possible to book a chalet on self catering. It is possible to book an arrangement without diners but it is not possible to cook by yourself in the chalet. For special prices and discounts for this kind of stay, please contact

How can I make a reservation?

You can book a chalet by email, phone or via our website. When you have confirmed the booking we also would like to receive the full names, addresses, ages and email-addresses of you and your party. You can fill this in on our form we send you with the confirmation.

What are the next steps when I made a reservation?

When we received the booking form with all the details we can make an invoice and send this by email or post to you. On this invoice you can see the total amount, the deposit and the final balance. The deposit should be payed at the time of the booking. The deposit is € 100,00 per person plus reservation fee of € 25,00 . The final balance should be payed at least 6 weeks before departure. It is possible to pay by cheque or by banktransfer. When a booking has made less than 6 weeks prior to departure the full amount have to payed in once.

My group and I wants to pay separately, is this possible?

It is possible to send every traveller an invoice. But we charge € 25,00 reservation fee per invoice. It is also possible that everyone pays separately when they mention the reservation number by payment.

What are the bankdetails from Skichalets.nl?

Rabobank Gouwezoom
Tielweg 26
2803 PK Gouda
The Netherlands
IBAN: NL81 RABO 0366 8423 15
Always mention your reservation number by payment.

When do I receive the travel documents?

When payment have been received in time we send the travel documents around two weeks before departure. We send this information by email or post. When you have booked a last minute with departure within one week we send the information by email to you.

How is the price made up for an individual booking?

Prices are per person per week based on two people on a room with shower/toilet. Children between 2-12 years will receive 40% discount provided that they sleep in their parents room. Infants up to and including 1 year are for free. There is one cot and high chair provided, but no catering for infants. There are rooms with ensuite shower/toilet and rooms with shared shower/toilet.

How is the price made up for a booking of sole occupancy?

When you book a chalet for sole occupancy there will be no other guests in the chalet or in the empty rooms. For sole occupancy you always have to pay for the minimumsleeps of a chalet (find this back on our website and brochure). Every person above the minimumsleeps get a discount of 40% on the published price. If you are with less than the minimumsleeps we charge extra for sole occupancy. Children between 2-12 years have childdiscount of € 50,00 per child per week. Infants up to and including 1 year are for free. There is one cot and high chair available, but no catering provided.

Is it possible to book a room for single use?

There are no single rooms in the chalets. But it is possible to book a twin or triple room for single use. This rooms are only available in low season weeks and have an extra charge of € 125,00 per room per week.

As guests from Skichalets.nl do we get any discounts on ski passes, ski rental or ski lessons?

Information about skilessons, ski pas and ski rental and discounts for this, will you be informed on the day of arrival though your own chalet staff.

Is the tourist tax included in the travel sum?

The tourist tax is not included in the total travel sum. You must pay this on site to our chalet staff, who will transfer this to the municipality.
The amount of the tourist tax differs per ski village, but is approximately € 2 per person per night. Children up to the age of 12 often do not have to pay a tourist tax, but this also differs per ski village.

Do I need a motorway sticker when travelling through Switzerland or Austria by car?

For driving on the Austrian or Swiss highways (A-roads) and motorways (S-road, B180, B302 and S1) a motorway sticker is required and are mandatory! Swiss autobahn vignettes are only available for a 14 months period, from December the 1st to January the 31st.

Hereby the following cost for a motorway sticker:
Austria valid for 10 days around € 10,00
Austria valid for 2 months approximately € 25,00
Year motorway sticker Switzerland (14 months) about € 30,00
The sticker can be obtained in Austria/ Switzerland at the border or at any cigar shops or service stations. Driving without a valid motorway sticker will risk a major panalty. Federal police or customs will have the power to charge a fine up to € 220,00

What are the costs for French toll ways?

For the destinations Les Coches and Tignes Les Brévières you can drive via Switzerland or Luxemburg/France. The average price for the toll ways for the route Luxembourg/France is € 45,00. For the route Switzerland you need an Autobahnvignet from € 30.